Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Self Portrait

Not gunna lie, I try and stay away from self portraits because they are not the easiest thing in the world. Props to those people that do amazing things when they do them! It takes skillz! Anyway, I really needed a pic of me for my website and so I tried to make a self portrait and I took 167 pictures including test shots before I chose these 3. I would try and explain how I did the lighting but I switched it up like 6 times. However, I can say that I just used 2 580 EX II Speedlights.

Fortune Cookie Fails Me


I just had to share this moment with everyone! Cuz when I was a kid fortune cookies were really they kind of tell you what to do. It's so sad and mine just pretty much happened to call me fat the other day! :/

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All The Right Moves

Oh man I have been waiting a long time to put these pics up! We took these pics in earlier February, if I remember correctly. They had recently gotten a new band member and needed new photos and I mentioned this concept to them and they dug it. It totally goes with their fun and quirky personalities and music.

This shoot took a long time. I actually walked in circles a billion times around these guys to get the yarn around. I made myself dizzy, haha.

I photographed the group image on a white background and all of the individuals on a blue background and later changed the hue to green in a couple. During the individual photos there was one person on each side of the member I was photographing, holding the yarn just below shoulder level. This made it much easier in post.

Their band name is All The Right Moves. Feel free to check them out at

Monday, March 9, 2009


So I have been waiting in long anticipation to upload my latest Band Press images, but I have to wait! Grrrr! :) So for now I am posting new images from one of my self projects, "Experienced/Identify". Here are just two from the last weekend I shot of this event. This was the best lighting of the three days at Ft. McCoy and it was Blistering Cold! The sun only came out right before sunset for a maximum of an hour and I was lucky enough to be in the right area on post when it did!