Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baltimore MD- Fun Weekend Adventure

Thank Goodness for the Timer on the camera and for digital, because it took us quite a few tries b4 we got an image we liked LOL

Ryan was quite the photographer for the weekend as well..I say he did well

It was so funny to see him go through some of the doors n such on our tours.

So Ryan cam to visit me for 4.5 days and this was our adventure.....

Day one:
Flew in at 11:15 PM. I parked and went inside so I could hug him bunches...I missed him so incredibly much! He stayed in my barracks room since I still had class the next day.

Day two:
After waiting all day in anticipation of haveing Ryan here we went to go to Arnudel Mills Mall to eat and saw the movie Law Abiding Citizen...I liked it...a couple parts were predictable but you were always on your toes and you never knew what to expect...Good See!

Day three:
Ryan got kicked out of my room while I was at school. My Frist Sergeant was not too happy in me, because it is a security risk for the other females on the floor....not that ryan is a security risk but men in general or anyone staying in our rooms...OOPS I asked for forgiveness and all is good minus Ryan feeling awkward/embarassed/SCARED OUT OF HIS

Later that night we went to Baltimore and got a hotel at the Courtyard Mariott near Inner Harbor. We then had dinner at the Hard Rock and he got a sweet beer glass. Then we skipped back to the hotel and watched Flash Forward on our comp.

Day four:
We toured some ships and Submarines ate at Bambu-Great asian food!!!! We went on a photo excursion all day and took photos of ourselves by setting up the tripod. Toured an old lighthouse and later ate at Houlihans then walked back to the hotel and happened to realise I forgot my hat at the restaurant so we RAN back LOL (lost our buzz) got my hat and fed a homeless woman Chipotle then went and relaxed in a Whirlpool then SLEEP! I think Ryan watched tv or something but I slept.

Day five:
We packed up then went to Target and Best Buy then to Applebees to watch the Vikes game and eat before I dropped him off at the Airport :(

Even though it was the most amazing time I have spent with him thus far...Practically Perfect and Incredible :-P I will be missing him terribly!

He truly loves me and shows it in so many ways. I couldn't ask for anything more! I love him!
Location: Baltimore, MD/12NOV09