Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baltimore MD- Fun Weekend Adventure

Thank Goodness for the Timer on the camera and for digital, because it took us quite a few tries b4 we got an image we liked LOL

Ryan was quite the photographer for the weekend as well..I say he did well

It was so funny to see him go through some of the doors n such on our tours.

So Ryan cam to visit me for 4.5 days and this was our adventure.....

Day one:
Flew in at 11:15 PM. I parked and went inside so I could hug him bunches...I missed him so incredibly much! He stayed in my barracks room since I still had class the next day.

Day two:
After waiting all day in anticipation of haveing Ryan here we went to go to Arnudel Mills Mall to eat and saw the movie Law Abiding Citizen...I liked it...a couple parts were predictable but you were always on your toes and you never knew what to expect...Good See!

Day three:
Ryan got kicked out of my room while I was at school. My Frist Sergeant was not too happy in me, because it is a security risk for the other females on the floor....not that ryan is a security risk but men in general or anyone staying in our rooms...OOPS I asked for forgiveness and all is good minus Ryan feeling awkward/embarassed/SCARED OUT OF HIS

Later that night we went to Baltimore and got a hotel at the Courtyard Mariott near Inner Harbor. We then had dinner at the Hard Rock and he got a sweet beer glass. Then we skipped back to the hotel and watched Flash Forward on our comp.

Day four:
We toured some ships and Submarines ate at Bambu-Great asian food!!!! We went on a photo excursion all day and took photos of ourselves by setting up the tripod. Toured an old lighthouse and later ate at Houlihans then walked back to the hotel and happened to realise I forgot my hat at the restaurant so we RAN back LOL (lost our buzz) got my hat and fed a homeless woman Chipotle then went and relaxed in a Whirlpool then SLEEP! I think Ryan watched tv or something but I slept.

Day five:
We packed up then went to Target and Best Buy then to Applebees to watch the Vikes game and eat before I dropped him off at the Airport :(

Even though it was the most amazing time I have spent with him thus far...Practically Perfect and Incredible :-P I will be missing him terribly!

He truly loves me and shows it in so many ways. I couldn't ask for anything more! I love him!
Location: Baltimore, MD/12NOV09

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lights Out Dancing-Promos



It took a whole crap ton of time and collaboration between the band and myself to come up with a creative concept and the time paid off. We started off with roughly 6 ideas and kept mixing and matching them all until we came up with this. Mike and I then spent a day out checking out and looking for locations to photograph and oddly enough we ended up doing this shoot right in the front yard of Scott's parents house.

I used 3 lights.

1- Speed-light to the far left
1-Alien B 800 to far right
1-Alien B 1600 with white reflective umbrella-to camera rear and from above at a 15 degree angle to my subjects left.

We began this shoot a little earlier in the day so that by the time we were finishing the individual images it wouldn't be a black sky. So in order to make the skies almost look like it was the same time of day I did some tweaking in photo-shop so they would have consistency.

Lights Out Dancing is a Powerpop/Pop rock group out of the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This month they just released a new album called "Ever The Optimist". Currently they are touring around the east coast to help promote the amazing new album. If you have a second please check it out at

Cartel, The Summer Set, This Providence-Live Show

There was an amazing Line up last night 24OCT09 at the Quarter on Bourbon in Baltimore MD. There was The Summer Set, This Providence and Cartel. A really awesome show. I didn't plan on taking photos, but thought I would snap a few so I had proof I was there. I really just went to enjoy the music and its amazingness. Then later Some of the band members and others went onto the bus and talked about Philly cheese steak sandwiches and tattoos. I had a blast! I want to send a Thank you to my new friend Lisa and to Kevin for the hospitality!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silver Heart Club

Some awesome guys from Wisconsin that were living in AZ at the time and came to MN for me to take their promotional photographs and I am so glad to have met them. They are super chill and let me do almost anything I wanted withing the limits of their style. I would definitely recommend checking them out at:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grain Belt- Minneapolis MN

I am, normally, not one to take the initiative to photograph nature and landscape images. However, I was asked by a friend from Colorado to take some photographs of the Grain Belt sign as a gift for his sister. Now to the adventurous part:

He had asked me this just after I moved to Ft. Meade, Maryland on Military duty. Thus making it difficult for me to make it to MN to take these images. Well, I have a break between September 18-29th so I made a trip back to MN to visit friends and family and to take the Grain Belt images he had asked for. Seeing as how I flew there I was dependent on everyone around me to take me places. So, Guess What? Everyone works, haha. Anyway, I ended up finding someone to drop me off somewhere near South Minneapolis and I ended up Rollerblading 15 miles to Northwest Minneapolis. I did ninja moves and maneuvered through lots of road construction. Cuz, what is MN without a season of road construction. Of course, the day I find a ride it is a cloudy and misty day. Not what I was hoping for seeing as how I, already, was not able to choose my time of day. Once, I got there I tried to add framing and different positioning to the sign since it was cloudy and their was hardly any gradation in the clouds.

FYI, my last 4 block of my 30 miles total were all uphill and I was absolutely parched! But, I made it, uffda!

A couple days later a friend of mine just so happened to need to go to Minneapolis so I had asked him if I could go with him. He dropped me off for about 10-15 minutes and drove around so I could get some more blue sky sunny photographs.

For not being a nature and landscape photographer I am pleased with my images. a couple I am not sure if maybe they look better in Black and White or not. I guess, it just depends on what and where it would be used for.