Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day with the Sis-Portrait

Oh Lordy, I visited my sister since she is on Spring Break and we ha the most adventrous and wonderful day! We met in Maple Grove so we could go to PF Changs for lunch <----Which was AMAZING (Those lettuce wraps, mmmmm)

All Natural Light-Me on left Sister on the right (Jessica)

While we were there we just kept it cool and walked around the outside mall, since she had never been there before. We were on a mission to find her some flip flops and mom a new purse. However, we had gotten sidetracked twice...

Once to try on silly urban one outfit/jumpsuit clothes and make fun of eachother and another to try and find me a new bra at Victoria Secret. Come to find out my safe all black bra's are not sexy and she tried to show me what style I should be getting, so I don't dress so Mom-ish. I felt like I ahouls have been on the show "What Not To Wear" but for undergarments lol. Some things she had me try I felt like a hootchie mamma Story Goes-----> I left empty handed haha

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lyndon Maurice Miller-Portraits, haha not related

This is a client I had met through the military. He needed head shots for a website he was creating. Most the images are all done with Natural light. The top image next to the theater is the only image I had used artificial lighting. I just hand-held a portable 580 EX II connected through pocket wizards. I held it with my left hand and to the camera's upper left.