Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lights Out Dancing

WOW!! These guys are a HOOT!!!! I absolutely loved this photo-shoot. I was unsure of how it was going to turn out not knowing these boys before, but it was absolutely the best experience and photo-shoot I had ever had.

To begin, it was a full production...I gave haircuts to those in need of them and later styled each persons hair. They were so polite and incredibly funny. The image with the colored pants resembles what the boys wear to most their shows colored, jeans and black tops. The lollipop image was my idea that was originally planned to be outside, however, we were having so much fun indoors we decided to improvise and mold the lollipop idea to fit inside.

During the shoot I had speed lights from above and behind the models to create the shadows and I also used a very large umbrella as a fill from behind and above me. This shoot was taken in my dining room with a white backdrop.

During the middle of the shoot we ordered pizza and now I will never forget those boys and I love hanging out with them to this day! You should REALLY check out their music at www.myspace.com/lightsoutdancing . They are good at what they do!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All American Rejects Tour with Siny Toy Guns



April 13, 2009. I had a live performance shoot compliments of Kyle. Thanks Kyle if you are reading this and Amanda for getting me hooked up with Kyle. You both ROCK!!
Anyhew, my friend Danyel, Amanda and Myself went to the All American Rejects tour show at the Myth in Maplewood, MN. Not going to lie I was pretty pumped to be on the guest list and to be able to go in front of the barricades to take pictures of Shiny Toy Guns and the All American Reject. (For those that don't know Amandas friend Kyle is the Guitar Tech for Shiny Toy Guns and got me in to take pictures for th bands.) Once the show was finished we went and hung out in the band bus until we decided where we were going to eat. We ended up eating at TGIF after quite an adventure of listening to false google directions, lol. It was just Kyle (Guitar Tech from STG), Sisely (Wonderful girl from STG), Dani, Amanda and Myself. Kyle ended up ordering food for the other guys.

There were so many wonderful band stories and tour stories. Apparently the Bus Drivers are more mischeivous than the bands, haha. Would have never guessed. But Sis and Kyle did mention Bus Drivers getting flashed by girls and stuff....but we wont go there.
Sis and Kyle were two of the nicest people I have ever met that have been in or with a bigger band. They weren't cocky or snobby at all. In fact a few made comments about this creeper girl that was drunk at the show and later was running around near the busses and we assumed Tyson (from AAR) was taking her off her feet. BTW he totally works his sex appeal at his shows. Near the end he was jamming drum sticks down his pants and rubbing his sweaty balls all over them and throwing them into the crowd. I don't care for that much, but obviously the fans did. LOL!

After dinner we went back to the bus but left shortly after due to a long drive of our own and sure enough I lost my keys. Well, not totally, they fell in a whole in my purse, which made it very difficult to find. But I had awesome friends that were patient while I looked so I didnt get jumped by this creepy car filled with guys just chilling in the front of an empty building with their lights glaring forward. CREEPY.

Oh when I was up front near the pit a bunch of girls asked me about my hair because they thought it was super cute and the next thing I know I am handing out a ton of Business cards....good thing I brought extra.