Friday, October 1, 2010

Wild Colonial Bhoys - Promotional

I am so Overdue on this. Back in October I photographed this Irish Pub band called the "Wild Colonial Bhoys" ( )

I had not known any of them, maybe seen one in passing and when they came to the studio they had no idea what to expect. Some of them seemed sketchy to be paying so much for a shoot and others confident I would figure it out.

Normally, before a band promotional photo shoot I like to discuss ideas, but these boys had a tour and many other things to worry about. So I had free reign to help them come up with a conceptual idea that would fit their style and personalities. ( Not gunna lie....I was kinda nervous) I went out and bought a fog machine and hoped they would like my envisionment of an Irish pub band...and this is what we came up with. By the end of the shoot I was so relieved, because they all seemed confident in the shoot and were very impressed...Exactly what I needed, LOL

As a photographer you are always confident in your own art but your beauty in art may differ from others. In this case, five others. I am so glad to had won all their hearts. They are a super funny and relaxed crowd!

My set:
Backlight facing the wall sitting on the floor propped up a bit
Softbox vertical, hard left almost parallel to the couch
Canon 30D
28mm, at F-3.5 and 1/125
assistant started with fog behind the couch and then came around to the front

Thanks so much for letting me work with you!