Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amanda Hancock and Josh Beerman Wedding 8.21.2010


Oh Lordy, where do I begin...Lets just start by saying that the Lord is amazing with blessing me with wonderful friends and this trip was such a reinforcement of that. I am so blessed to not only have been Amanda;s friend but I was her photographer as well.

Sad thing was that Me and the picture taking was probably one ...
of the only things that she didn't worry about nor that went wrong. The poor girl had issues with the venue finishing their remodeling on time and they missed the song for the bride to walk down the isle, as well. So much went wrong, but the most important parts could not have been more right. The vows, the family blessings and friends that love both of them were there to support and see this couple join their lives from rehearsal dinner to the reception.

This wedding, by far, had many challenges. Even in the photography department. It was so stinking hot all the bridal party and myself were sweating rivers. Especially me, but I enjoyed it. However, it made the shooting process a bit rushed, but I think for what we had to deal with the images turned out well!

Things I won't forget:

* Danyel's Speech
* Amanda's Smile
* The sweat I constantly kept wiping off my arms and chin
* Handing paper towels to the bridal party constantly
* The car not starting after the shoot (over heated, but sfely started after it took a nap )

* And SO many more!