Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grain Belt- Minneapolis MN

I am, normally, not one to take the initiative to photograph nature and landscape images. However, I was asked by a friend from Colorado to take some photographs of the Grain Belt sign as a gift for his sister. Now to the adventurous part:

He had asked me this just after I moved to Ft. Meade, Maryland on Military duty. Thus making it difficult for me to make it to MN to take these images. Well, I have a break between September 18-29th so I made a trip back to MN to visit friends and family and to take the Grain Belt images he had asked for. Seeing as how I flew there I was dependent on everyone around me to take me places. So, Guess What? Everyone works, haha. Anyway, I ended up finding someone to drop me off somewhere near South Minneapolis and I ended up Rollerblading 15 miles to Northwest Minneapolis. I did ninja moves and maneuvered through lots of road construction. Cuz, what is MN without a season of road construction. Of course, the day I find a ride it is a cloudy and misty day. Not what I was hoping for seeing as how I, already, was not able to choose my time of day. Once, I got there I tried to add framing and different positioning to the sign since it was cloudy and their was hardly any gradation in the clouds.

FYI, my last 4 block of my 30 miles total were all uphill and I was absolutely parched! But, I made it, uffda!

A couple days later a friend of mine just so happened to need to go to Minneapolis so I had asked him if I could go with him. He dropped me off for about 10-15 minutes and drove around so I could get some more blue sky sunny photographs.

For not being a nature and landscape photographer I am pleased with my images. a couple I am not sure if maybe they look better in Black and White or not. I guess, it just depends on what and where it would be used for.

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