Friday, September 18, 2009

Specular Shaped Highlights-Eyes

I had not researched anything about creating specular highlights with shapes in the eyes. I had just seen an image and decided I would try to troubleshoot and see what I can come up with since troubleshooting and being hands on is the way I learn best so this is how I did it:

Let me begin by saying, this is a difficult task. There was no purpose other than experimentation when I photographed this image. I had a bunch of designs from eagles to doves to stars all cut out and different sizes.

Being on a military post I was limited at the time with how much black construction paper I had. I went ahead and drew in pencil my designs then took an exacto-knife and cut them out. Once cut out I tried the smaller shapes first.

I would take the shape and place them in the middle of a beauty dish with everything around it blocked with black as well. Then I adjusted the light by bringing it closer and further away to change the size and clarity of the specular highlights. Now, with the smaller designs I was having difficulty getting the design to come into focus and after quite a few frustrating moments I decided to try the larger cut outs.

As soon as I got the larger cut out up and in the beauty dish and took my first image I knew things were getting better from here.

NOTE: Use a larger cutout for better and more crisp results.

I had the beauty dish about six inches from her face and was using a 50mm lens. The GoBo/Beauty dish was the only light I used in this experiment of mine.

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please ask, I'd be glad to answer.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome. I wish I was motivated to experiment with more stuff in photography. I always think about selling my camera and accessories...then I look at your stuff and think...nah...I'll keep it for now. haha. You are great!

AlishaLynnPhoto said...

Awww, your so sweet. Hey When I get back if you ever just want to go out on photo safari's with me...I could always use a partner to keep me practicing! :)