Saturday, August 13, 2011

Noah Anderson

Noah Anderson-

Noone can define unpredictable like a newborn baby can. This little 6 day old guy, Noah Anderson, was the epitome of unpredictableness on Friday during our photo shoot. He was a little sleeper when he got in the studio but as soon as we moved him he didn't stop for about an hour and a half.

We fed him many many times and normally he falls asleep but not this time. He was pretty awake. So awake that the pee'd on mom and dad. I had taken the temperature down in the studio for him and thought I was getting warm and sweating until at one point I realized he was peeing on me too, lol. It is not the full experience without that. But trust me the excitement did not end there. Since he did not have a diaper on he, also, thought it convenient to poop in mommy's hand through the loose threaded blanket he was in. Jillian was quite the trooper through that experience, haha.


Babies + food + new environment = keep your shoes on in the studio

Babies + patience + time + love = HAPPY ENDING

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