Thursday, January 8, 2009


I apologize for putting these images up so late. I put them up on my myspace and forgot to place them on my blog.

I did this military series for a self project of mine, but also for the Public Affairs office for the Army Reserve. I really wanted to take pictures in a sense that helped the viewer understand and be able to relate to the soldier in some way. Then published a book which is for purchase on Blurb if you are interested.

I feel that soldiers are put on a pedistal, and by being a soldier myself I, also, want to portray the more 'common' 'down to earth' side. We, soldiers, are just like everyone else. We all learn what we know then do our job well. Everyone has a different specialty and ours is just to protect our country, but we do everything else just like you do.

Quote by me from my book:

"From an infant to an adult, or a civilian to a soldier, we all crawl before we walk."

You can find my book for sale at the title of my book is "Identify".

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